Integrated Hair Toppers

Lord and Lady Hair Integrated Toppers have been specifically designed for ladies with thinning hair. Made from the finest luxury Remy hair, they will last twelve to eighteen months providing you follow the correct aftertcare recommended to you by Elite.

How does it work?

Our Integrated Hair Toppers can either be purchased as a clip-on piece for clients to use as and when they want at home, or attached to your natural hair as a more permanent method.
First, you will have a thorough consultation and colour match, before your piece is then customised to match the natural tones in your hair. This is to ensure optimal results and a seamless, natural look.
If you have chosen a clip-on piece Tracey will then show you how to fit the Integrated Hair Topper at home, before it is cut, blended and styled to fit perfectly into your own hair.
If you prefer a more permanent method, your Integrated Hair Topper can be attached by our hair replacement and extension specialist in the hair loss clinic. This is done by using our specialist fitting technique and will secure the hair piece to your natural, existing hair and you will be able to wear it as though it were your own! Remember, this method will require maintenance every six to eight weeks in order to keep your piece secure as it will move with natural hair growth.

Lace Based Hair Integration Topper

The Lord and Lady laced based Hair Integration Topper is a very popular choice. The lightest of the Toppers, each individual hair is knotted into a lace base. This may require extra hair being added over time as general wear and tear could cause the knots to become loose. A big advantage of this type is that it lies very flat to the head, allowing the colour of your scalp to show through.

Silk Based Hair Integration Topper

The Lord and Lady silk based Hair Integration Topper is the most realistic hair base option. Each individual strand of hair is embedded into the silk, which is then covered with a layer of lace so that the knots are not visible. This gives an incredible illusion of hair growing out from the follicle in the scalp. The silk base is usually more durable than lace.

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